Our equipment

Our equipment

Our equipment

All of the facilities in our conference centre, built in 2020, are equipped with state-of-the-art technology.

Equipment in our auditorium, the Salon Lully:

In addition to its 500-seat retractable grandstand, our amphitheatre is fully equipped with technical equipment!

* A full-feature control room:

  • HDMI multi-channel video mixer
  • Digital audio mixing console: YAMAHA CL3 (64 Channels)
  • Lighting system: GrandMA 3 Light

* A translation service: wireless simultaneous interpretation system using a mobile app

* Video equipment:

  • 30 m² movable LED screen (10 m base x 3 m high)/Resolution 3840 x 1152
  • 2 Full HD video return monitors

* Audio equipment:

  • Stage return: 4 L ACOUSTICS X8 Speakers
  • Stage patch
  • 1 to 12 microphones
  • 2 Cardioid gooseneck microphones for lecterns

* Lighting equipment:

  • LED stage light kit
  • Motorised track

Equipment in our meeting rooms:

All 11 meeting rooms in our conference centre are equipped with wall-mounted touchscreen panels for managing sound volume, light intensity, video input and room temperature. Each user is able to broadcast video and audio content independently.

Video equipment:

  • 85 or 98 inch movable monitor or video projector
  • Video input: Wired HDMI on wall patch
  • Wireless audio/video connection via Solstice collaborative system

Audio equipment:

  • Sound broadcast through ceiling speaker
  • Microphones